Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Keeping a traffic ticket off your record is the goal

Three ways in Texas to keep a ticket off your record

There are 3 general ways to keep a ticket from being a permanent record.

Ticket Dismissal

A ticket can be dismissed by the prosecutor. This can happen for different reasons. There may be a lack of evidence to prove the ticket. This is usually the best result a person can get other than not receiving the ticket to begin with. This can happen at any time during the court process including up to a trial. If there is a trial and the person wins, the ticket will be dismissed after the not guilty verdict.

Deferred Disposition

Deferred Disposition is an agreement where the defendant does not get any tickets or violations for a period of time so that the ticket will be dismissed. It usually requires paying a fine, court costs, and possibly taking a class of some type. In some cases there might be community service as well.

Defensive Driving Class

Defensive driving is a class either in person or online. The result will be a dismissal as long as there are no new violations during a period of time. In order to qualify for D.D. the person may not have taken the class in the previous year. A side benefit to this is that insurance will give the driver a discount for taking a qualified class. There is a fee to the court and they will want a copy of the driving record from Texas DPS.

Texas Driver License Status

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