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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Call for very valuable information and successful representation. We represent people accused of misdemeanors and felony charges. A criminal record can be a permanent and very damaging hinderance to a successful career. There are various criminal charges both misdemeanor and felony that we have handled.

Lockhart DWI Attorney

You need an experienced DWI lawyer to examine all the evidence on your case. With the new DWI fines it is even more important to prepare to fight your case. The new law passed September 1, 2019 adds thousands of dollars of potential fines. Keep the charge off your record.

DUI in Texas is a class C misdemeanor. DWI cases in Texas are class B misdemeanors and above up to felony DWI. It is very difficult and not recommended for a person to represent themselves in court when accused of a charge including DWI.

As mentioned DWI cases range from Class B misdemeanors up to Felony charges depending on the circumstances.

Caldwell County Misdemeanor

Texas misdemeanor range from class C up to class A charges. Many class C tickets are traffic related but can be theft or public intoxication as well. Class B and Class A tickets are DWI, Assault, Assault Family Violence, Theft, Alcohol and many more. Every accused person is entitled to a fair defense in court.

Caldwell County Felony

Felony cases in Texas range from state jail felony cases to 1st degree and capital murder. Many misdemeanor cases can be enhanced to felony cases with the prior history. This does not mean a person is guilty. Every case stands on it’s own and needs to be thoroughly evaluated. The lawyer needs to approach the client’s case from every angle. Sometimes the felony charge requires an investigator to look at what the police did to investigate witnesses and other evidence. Call or fill in the form for more information.

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