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Looking for the Best Giddings Criminal Attorney?

I handle many misdemeanor and felony cases including the common DWI, DUI and assault cases.

When you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer time is critical. Also making sure that your attorney has experience, success, and the will power to help you. Call us to discuss your case.

Giddings DWI Lawyer

You will not find many attorneys in Texas with the experience that I have. Over the years I continue to have success in reducing and getting DWI cases dismissed. I constantly train to keep up on my skills and knowledge of the Texas and national DWI laws. Your case is important and deserves to be handled skillfully.  Not just anyone is qualified to handle Texas DWI and DUI cases.

Giddings Misdemeanor Attorney

I handle all misdemeanor charges in Lee County Texas. Giddings is the county seat for Lee County, Texas. Misdemeanor cases consist of Class C tickets up to Class A misdemeanors. Certain assault and DWI cases are categorized as Class A misdemeanors. It is important to avoid any case class of misdemeanor on your record. Call for more information.

Giddings Felony Attorney

I also handle all Felony charges in Giddings, Texas. Giddings is located in Lee County Texas. Felony cases can affect so many parts of a person’s life. I look for reductions and dismissals for felony cases. Home life and careers can be negatively impacted by a felony record. Never give up hope to keep your record clean. Contact me for me for information, Home Page.