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Are you looking for talented and trusted legal counsel? Call or enter your information in the contact form. I handle several areas. As a Bastrop Criminal Lawyer handling DWI, drug possession, domestic violence, and many other criminal charges I get results. For a dedicated and talented trial lawyer call now.

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Contact me for a free consultation. I have had several cases reduced and dismissed in years of legal practice. I have extensive training in DWI law and attends yearly seminar updates to make sure to stay current with procedures and DWI and DUI laws. You need experience and success.

Bastrop Criminal Lawyer

There are various reasons to have a run in with law enforcement. Depending on the time of day or the circumstances traffic stops are a common reason someone would need a Bastrop Criminal Attorney or Bastrop DWI Attorney. Be sure and call me to get the best legal representation around.

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Navigating a criminal charge in Bastrop County demands more than legal expertise—it requires an experienced attorney. My goal is to secure dismissals for our clients. During our initial consultation, we’ll meticulously outline the requirements and explore available options. Transparent and open communication is our key to achieving the best possible outcomes. Any new developments are promptly conveyed to our clients.

Do You Need a DWI Lawyer in Bastrop, Texas?

A lawyer’s representation is essential in court. With a wealth of experience, a defense lawyer must understand what to scrutinize and which questions to pose.

For a first Bastrop DWI offense, penalties include fines of up to $2,000 for a Class B misdemeanor or $4,000 for a Class A misdemeanor. Texas DWI laws are subject to frequent legislative updates. Penalties for Driving While Intoxicated escalate based on the severity of the offense, with steeper consequences for a BAC test of .15 or higher.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), a first offense, constitutes a Class B misdemeanor, unless BAC registers at .15 or higher. The maximum fine is $2,000, and the first-time offender’s license suspension ranges from 90 days to a year. Note that this is distinct from the DPS Driver’s License ALR hearing for test refusals or failures.

Bastrop DWI Attorney: If detained after consuming alcohol, an individual often finds themselves at the Bastrop County Jail. However, an arrest doesn’t equate to guilt. The first step is to begin seeking a proficient DWI lawyer in Bastrop, TX. Working on the case and exploring avenues for possible reduction or dismissal requires a diligent investigation by the defense attorney. My extensive experience in this area is proven with my satisfied clients.

DWI Lawyer Costs in Texas Bastrop

DWI lawyer fees can vary based on the attorney and the case’s complexity. For a comprehensive discussion on this topic, refer to:

Bastrop DUI Lawyer

Navigating Underage Offenses In Texas, a DUI statute applies to drivers under 21 with any alcohol in their system. Often, they aren’t subjected to testing for alcohol presence, relying on the driver’s odor or admission of recent drinking. This constitutes a Class C misdemeanor.

Bastrop County Domestic Assault Attorney

Your domestic violence charges frequently stem from minor home disputes. Yet, such instances don’t necessarily entail a permanent record. My domestic violence case experience sets up strategies for a. dismissal. Contact me to chart a path towards case resolution and a fresh start.

My record of success has adeptly safeguarded clients from probation, jail time, and criminal records. For misdemeanor or felony charges in Bastrop County, you need skilled criminal defense attorneys. I handle DWI, Assault, Terroristic Threat, Drug Possession, Domestic Violence, and theft cases.

Trustworthy Defense Firm in Bastrop County

A credible and seasoned defense firm dedicated to winning your case. Our recent jury trial victory in Bastrop County underscores our capabilities. Waste no time—contact me immediately.

DWI Penalties and Information Breath tests in Texas are administered using an Intoxilyzer 9000. For details on DWI and DUI blood tests, refer to DWI blood test. A BAC chart illustrating alcohol level comparisons is available at BAC Chart. As of September 1, 2019, a new law resulted in significant DWI cost increases. For further insight, visit: Under Texas Transportation Code 709, additional fines were introduced, rendering DWI charges notably expensive:

(1) $3,000 for the first conviction within a 36-month period; (2) $4,500 for a second or subsequent conviction within a 36-month period; and (3) $6,000 for a first or subsequent conviction if analysis of a specimen of blood, breath, or urine revealed an alcohol concentration level of 0.15 or more at the time of analysis.

Bastrop Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Defend Your Record Keep traffic tickets off your record, as they can impact insurance rates and job prospects. Whether it’s speeding, DUI, or a moving/non-moving violation, seek dismissal. Resolving the ticket with deferred disposition or a defensive driving course is ideal.

Check Your Driver License Status Online To check your driver license status online, follow this link:

Bastrop County Jail: For inquiries regarding individuals in the Bastrop County Jail, phone inquiries are essential. Visit the link for more information: Bastrop County Jail Address: 200 Jackson Street, Bastrop, Texas 78602 Contact: (512) 549-5100

For Court Case Information in Bastrop County Access court case information through Bastrop County Judicial Records.

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