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Johnson City Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

I have years of experience as a criminal defense attorney for Johnson City, Texas cases. Fill in the contact form with your issue so we can get started. Be confident in a lawyer with a great percentage of success in counties around Texas creating. I have negotiated numerous cases resulting in dismissals and trial acquittals.

Think about an attorney’s experience, training, and success when looking for the best Blanco County criminal defense lawyer for your case. There is no substitute for a person who’s heart is in it for you and your future.

Can my Blanco County Texas case be dismissed?

An attorney needs to always request full discovery on a case to properly evaluate it. The state has a duty to prove each element of a case. If there is a problem for them doing that, it needs to be known by the defense lawyer. A problem proving the case means a good chance for dismissal. There are situations where a case can still be dismissed depending on prior criminal conduct by the defendant. A clean record allows the defense lawyer more negotiating room. Each case can be different for many reason.

Dwi Attorney in Johnson City Texas

I handle several case types. A common charge is driving while intoxicated. After a DWI arrest there is hope. Don’t let a DWI charge keep you from a successful future. A positive resolution is not as difficult as it may seem. A good DWI lawyer looks into the evidence and makes sure the state can prove their case.

If a person is arrested for a DUI or DWI in Blanco County, Tx, it is important to seek the best Johnson City Texas DWI Lawyer possible. This means you need to ask the attorney about success rates and experience. Finding the best attorney for your case can be done fairly easily.

Be aware about a Texas driver’s license suspension. There is a 15 day window to request a hearing to try and save your Texas driver’s license from a suspension. If a consensual blood draw is performed, then a letter will be mailed to the driver if the blood alcohol content is .08 or higher when tested at a lab. The notice will give 20 days from the date on the letter to request a driver license hearing. These letters may arrive a few months after the DWI stop depending on how backed up the lab is.

A failed breath test will be followed by a notice of license suspension. It will include instructions allowing 15 days to request a hearing to try and save the license from suspension. 

Blanco County Criminal Defense Attorney

Make sure and select the attorney with experience and results. I have handled many cases in Johnson City, Texas. The Blanco County, Texas courthouse is located in Johnson City, TX. Also the Blanco County Attorney is located in the courthouse in Johnson City. This is where all the Class B and A misdemeanors are filed and heard in the Blanco County County Court .

For the address to the Blanco County Courthouse see below:

Blanco County Courthouse
101 E. Pecan
Johnson City, Texas 78636

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