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Georgetown Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal charge usually involves an arrest and transport to the Williamson County Jail. Not all criminal defense attorneys are skilled equally. Some of the cases I have handled are DWI, Assault, Domestic Violence, Possession of drugs, theft, alcohol crimes and other misdemeanors and felonies. Be sure and ask about experience in your area of need. A Georgetown Defense Attorney will need to understand your specific case.

Williamson County Criminal Attorney

My success rate is very good. I handle cases in Georgetown and various surrounding counties in central Texas. Even if you are looking for a Round Rock criminal defense attorney, the case will still take place in Georgetown at the Williamson County Justice Center if it is a Class B misdemeanor or above.  Call or fill in the contact form for a free consultation with a Williamson County Texas criminal lawyer. I have affordable legal fees.

Georgetown Texas DWI Lawyer

Driving while intoxicated cases are common charges in Texas. Dui, (driving under the influence), cases are charges reserved for only under 21 years of age in Texas. Call the office if you are charged. I have successfully handled many cases involving alcohol and driving in Texas. There are not many lawyers in Georgetown Texas with the qualifications that I have in criminal defense. And more specifically the experience it takes to defend a DWI or DUI case.

Georgetown Misdemeanor and Felony Defense

There are many different cases involved in the legal system. Misdemeanors range from class C tickets up to Class B and A misdemeanors such as DWI and Assault Family Violence cases.

Williamson county, Texas felony cases can be drug possession, Felony DWI, Assault, aggravated assault, Theft, and many other Texas penal code accusations. Many misdemeanor cases can be enhanced to felony if there is a prior case of the same nature.

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