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A Georgetown criminal charge usually involves an arrest and transport to the Williamson County Jail. The accused or someone close to them will search through Georgetown Tx attorneys trying to find someone who can help. Finding a Williamson County defense attorney specific to your case with experience may take some time. Not all criminal defense attorneys are skilled equally. Some main cases we handle are DWI, Assault, Domestic Violence, Possession of drugs, Theft, alcohol crimes and other misdemeanors and felonies. Be sure any Williamson County attorneys you speak to have experience in your area of need.

Criminal Defense Attorney Georgetown Tx

Our success rate is very good. We handle cases in Georgetown and various surrounding counties in central Texas. Even if your looking for a Round Rock criminal defense attorney, the case will still take place in Georgetown at the Williamson County Justice Center.  Call us or fill in the contact form for a free consultation. We have affordable legal fees.