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Can I win my case without paying a lawyer a lot of money?

Yes, it is possible. Hiring an expensive attorney does not guarantee that you will get the best results for your case. Each attorney is different and it boils down to effort, performance and experience. Finding a lawyer who cares more about you than the money is the the ultimate factor in a positive outcome.

I have seen and heard attorneys charging extremely small fees for cases that require a great deal of skill and effort to work on. There is a good chance that you will not get that money back if you find out that no work has been done on your case. Not all low paid or payment plan lawyers are bad.

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On the other hand there are other lawyers who charge a lot of money and do not work hard for their clients. Just the other day I got a call from a person who gave an attorney $12,000 for a down payment and can’t get the lawyer to call him back. He wants the lawyer to refund his money now so he can hire another lawyer for his case. But he can’t reach the lawyer. The amount of stress this guy is in is incredible. 


Can I find a lawyer on Craigslist such as Craigslist Austin?

Craigslist is generally known for finding things that people are trying to get rid of for a reasonable price. The reasonable price is what the market dictates or what a person is willing to pay for depending on how bad they want the product or service. I can’t say that finding an attorney on craigslist Austin or any other craigslist city is bad. It could be a risk and the lawyer needs to be asked questions about performance, experience and skill as much or more than another attorney. 

Affordable Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

I try to help future clients who contact me. If you are in a financial bind and need a payment plan, I do those. I represent clients charged in Austin and need an Austin criminal Lawyer or Austin DWI Attorney. I also represent people in other counties in central Texas. I enjoy going to other county courthouses and working on my clients cases. Just because you need to get on a payment plan to hire me does not mean that I will not work hard on your case. You deserve the best effort a lawyer can give you. 

Misdemeanors and felonies require different amounts of work. Felony cases generally will be charged at a higher fee than a misdemeanor. Every case is unique so call me at (512)340-7300 and ask how I can help you. 

Cheap Lawyers Austin Tx

The term cheap lawyer is not equated with great lawyer. However, some people cannot afford to pay a lot of money for an expensive attorney. There are lawyers that do not charge a lot and will try hard to win your case. The hard part is finding the combination of skill and affordability. I do not charge high rates like some attorneys do. My time is valuable, but I enjoy helping people have a better life and get past legal bumps in the road. Call or enter your contact information at to get an affordable quote for your legal case. 

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Do not let something you have heard from someone else determine whether you call and speak to an attorney about your case. I choose to do my own research instead of believing rumors. Too many people do not do their research to find the truth. I let skill, performance and experience speak for itself with many, many satisfied clients. Call or enter your information in the contact form so I can help you today!